Why do current market offerings not meet customer expectations?

Why do current market offerings not meet customer expectations?

We started Corporate Insights because we could not find products that could cost effectively and efficiently detect, predict or prevent fraud, corruption, state capture and collusion.

Customers we spoke to identified the following short comings with current market offerings available
- Focussed upon individuals and does not provide a 360 view on the risk of unethical decision making, exposure towards State Capture and Economic Crime perpetrated by Suppliers, Customers, Employees, Contractors or Business Partners
- Expensive in the long term when paying per check required
- Not aligned to company objectives and risk management system
- Inconclusive, focused upon small parts of the organisation or missed key risks
- Did not bring all the information together, analyse it and present risk weighted results against KPIs
- Focused upon a small proportion of dis-honest behaviour, rather than all the data that your organisation requires to make better risk decisions.

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