What is a judgment?

What is a judgment?

A judgment is granted by the court against a consumer who has not paid their debts to a credit/service provider. A judgment is public information and remains on your credit report for 5 years or until the judgment is rescinded by a court or paid in full. Consumer no longer have to get the judgment rescinded in court.

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    • What is a rescinded judgment?

      When a judgment has been granted against an individual in error, or when other irregularities have occurred, or if the credit/service provider agrees to the rescission, judgment could be rescinded and removed from the consumer's credit report.
    • Once I paid the default, why is it not removed?

      Credit bureaus are required by the National Credit Act (NCA) to retain this information on the consumer's report for the prescribed retention period - regardless of whether it reflects negatively or positively on the consumer. Therefore this ...
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      We are aware that we are working with individual’s or organisation’s private data. All our products and services have been thoroughly evaluated by a global law firm, a recognised National Credit Act regulatory expert and TransUnion’s international ...